An international master’s degree in computer vision

This master’s degree offers an interdisciplinary specialization in all-round fundamentals of computer vision. It has been designed on the basis of the research and transfer experience of four universities in Galicia and Northern Portugal.

The master addresses the need to train qualified experts in a field that is becoming fundamental in maintaining the innovative momentum in the automation of tasks that require visual cognition. With the exponential growth of the volume of digital images and videos captured by cameras, the automatic understanding of our visual world has never been more important, in applications such as:

  • Healthcare. Applications in new products and services of software for Hospitals and e-Health with special emphasis on diagnostic support and contactless health monitoring.
  • Automatic inspection. Application in infrastructures manteining, industrial production lines, quality control and sensors embedded in Industry 4.0.
  • Mobile robotics with applications in collaborative robotics, Industry 4.0, precision agriculture, and personal assistants.
  • Security of infrastructures and services. Applications in video surveillance, identification biometrics, monitoring of public spaces.
  • Agriculture and land planning. Applications in land, forest and crop monitoring from satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Road safety and self-driving. Traffic control and surveillance, driving assistance systems, autonomous vehicles.
  • Aquaculture and fish industry.
  • Leissure, advertising and virtual shopping ….

Multifaceted programme

Computer vision is a dynamic field of study which rapid development has had an immense impact on a wide range of technologies, as aforementioned. Our program, built upon your foundation in mathematics and programming, aims to develope your skills to provide solutions to a broad range of real-world computer vision problems. Upon completion of this Master’s Degree, you will be fluent in tools and techniques, from fundamental to advanced, that allow you to deal with any research or development task in the field.

The same degree in all four universities

This Master is hold by four Universities, following a model of classrooms distributed in 4 campuses, with face-to-face teaching for local students (enrolled in the university of the lecturer who gives the lesson) and remote for the rest. The use of MOOC technologies for recording lessons and making learning materials available online will leverage existing resources at each university and enable the Master’s Degree to benefit from excellence in specific domains existing at each University.

An official master of the EHEA

The curriculum verified by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Galicia (ACSUG) and the Agency for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES) in Portugal. The four partner universities have regulations for the recognition and transfer of credits for degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area.