International Master in Computer Vision

Máster Universitario en Visión por Computador (Computer Vision)/ Grau de Mestre em Visão por Computador

Master's degree in computer vision

Computer Vision

Computer vision has the goal of achieving scene understanding from images and videos using computers. It is one of the most prolific research fields of artificial intelligence, and the current state-of-the-art is driving the innovation at a wide range of real-world applications.

Student's profile

Computer vision specialists require mastering a multidisciplinary skill set. IMCV is targeted to students and professionals pursuing an all-round specialization in computer vision with an orientation to the labor market, or interested in a research specialization previous to a doctoral thesis.

This master

The master's degree with common denomination "Máster Universitario en Visión por Computador (Computer Vision)/ Grau de Mestre em Visão por Computador" by USC, UDC, UVigo and UPorto, can be obtained at any of the organizing universities through the interuniversity master's programme.

Main features


Official EHEA master's degree, verified at Spain and Portugal.


Lectured by professors of USC, UDC, UVigo and UPorto.


Lectured in english in Spain and Portugal.

Multifaceted modules

An interdisciplinary specialization with electives of choice.

On-site and online

Local lecturing at the university of choice, remote lecturing from the other, with minor displacements for labs.

Hands-on learning

Focused on project-based practical application of computer vision.

30 ECTS master's thesis

A whole semester dedicated to tutored specialization in a real-world application.

Proffesional career

Co-advised master's thesis and external internships with research centers or companies.

R&D academic career

Become an expert in state-of-the-art computer vision innovative technologies.

All-round specialization in computer vision

Two years of computer vision

First semester

  • 5 x 6 ECTS compulsory subjects

Second semester

  • 3 x 6 ECTS compulsory subjects
  • 9 ECTS in electives
  • 3 ECTS in external practices

Third semester

  • 30 ECTS master’s dissertation

Multifaceted modules

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